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Mobile Healthcare Solutions

The IQMax solutions were designed to solve today’s mobile challenges of securely accessing patient information from hospital systems and eliminating the barriers of enterprise communication and notifications.  Designed to be agnostics to back-end clinical systems and mobile smartphones operating systems, the IQMax Connected Healthcare Platform is scalable and provides a broad foundation to enable information exchange and support ecosystems of mobile applications.

As a mobile pioneer in the healthcare industry, IQMax has deployed its solutions to thousands of clinicians worldwide over the past twelve years, and have vast experience understanding information distribution needs and achieving mobile adoption to improves clinical decision making at the point of care.  Let IQMax provide solutions for:

Smartphone Devices

IQMax Products work for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile Devices

  • Available on any mobile smartphone or tablet such as the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices, including tablet devices such as the iPad and Android-based tablets
  • Integration Services that aid your team in quickly implementing the IQMax system.
  • Agnostic to back-end
  • Supports existing libraries and databases

Supports the 5 Rights

  • Enhances existing EHRs and clinic systems for mobile access
  • Customize data in the same fashion as the computer program being accessed.

Added Value

Meaningful Use

IQMax provides all the necessary planning for a true mobile strategy. 

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