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Integrated Mobile Communication Services



Federating data from various systems and transforming data into useful information can be very challenging.  IQConnect was specifically designed to support the numerous healthcare communication protocols where data can be easily mapped and managed for consumption by other systems or applications.  IQConnect was designed as a cost-effective, but powerful tool, to minimize the amount of development and deployment effort by your IT staff.


Uniform Integration Platform Across Systems

  • Supports multiple communication protocols (HL7, FTP, Web Services,..) and disparate systems
  • Leverage existing technology and libraries through intuitive tools for non-developers
  • Rapid implementation capabilities

Extensible Capabilities

  • Highly scalable deployment models
  • Customizable external libraries
  • Controllable data consumption structures

Simplified Management

  • Simple easy to use management dashboard
  • Track and report on interface activity

Connected solutions can significantly impact results, the right information, at the right time, is critical in today fast paced environments. IQMax offers a pragmatic approach to extend your technology investment in systems and applications by providing a framework to federate and extend information beyond traditional premise-based infrastructure.

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Transform data with IQXchange. Making sense of data and connections between information points, IQXchange delivers the capability to manage information from a centralized hub and apply business logic to intelligently handle information flow to all systems and applications.

Information Processing

  • Provides IQConnect with business logic to process data to other systems
  • Central administrative management of applications including IQConnect
  • Reporting and analytical tools

Enable Client Mobility

  • Host end-user application tools
  • Open communication channels

Making all the data from divergent systems work for you whenever and wherever you want is critical to providing the best care possible for patients. IQXchange fortifies your existing infrastructure investment and leverages each data source to provide real-time information at your fingertips on any device (PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone and Laptop).

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