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Faster, Accurate Coding With Fewer Errors and Missed Charges

Improving the financial health of your practice can lead to a significant evolution in the overall quality of care you provide. Properly documenting and coding patient encounters, eliminating missed charges, reducing receivable days, and improving the revenue management process are just a few of the financial challenges faced. IQCharge provides a fast, accurate, and intuitive mobile solution to documenting care in acute and ambulatory settings. This simplistic approach to capturing codes and procedures can eliminate lost fees.Contact Us

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    The common alternatives to IQCharge are handwritten notes or more complex coding solutions. Other solutions require the caregiver to learn billing codes and spend more time than necessary documenting their patient encounters. Problems inherent to hand written notes include the legibility of the note, lack of details of the encounter, forgotten charges, and delays in delivering these charges to billing personnel. IQCharge™ eliminates paper based charges. Caregivers can now accurately capture billable charges on their mobile device at the point of care, ensuring that every patient encounter is billed for and properly documented.


    Studies show that on average 15% of valid charges never get billed. These percentages can be much higher due to the inefficient methods used to capture patient charges, such as hand written notes. Patient encounters during rounds that are billable through the physician practice and those resulting from consultations rank among the largest amounts not billed. Users of IQCharge can help ensure you are properly charge for all events.


    IQCharge extends the capabilities of your existing financial and health information system. The physician’s rounds list and scheduled appointments are in the palm of their hand. They simply select the patient and capture the charges. When sent, the patient data and charges are inserted into the billing system, streamlining the entire billing process. This significantly improves cash flow by reducing billable lag time.


    IQCharge enables charge capture at the point of care, and reminds physicians of patients without charges. Patient data is automatically included with the charge, and inserted into the billing system. This extends the billing system to the point of care and saves billing staff hundreds of hours each year by eliminating frustrating phone calls requesting information on patient care, time spent looking up patient data, and time spent manually entering charges into the billing system. IQCharge™ is HIPAA compliant.


    • Select your patient from your rounds or appointment list
    • Select a pre-built favorite, or select a procedure of diagnosis code
    • Procedure codes are linked with appropriate diagnosis codes, and vice versa, for easy entry
    • Review the selected codes and modifiers for accuracy, and click ‘submit’

    • Document encounters in real time by location
    • Ensure accuracy and detail of patient care
    • Reminds physicians of the need to charge
    • View and charge on other providers’ patients
    • Reduces deficiencies
    • Works the way physicians work
    • Patients not on the schedule list can be added

    • Provides detailed patient care information
    • Visually validates charges captured
    • Provides a quick view of other actions completed on each patient such as dictation, prescription or lab order
    • Patient demographics are automatically linked to each charge
    • Select your patient from the rounds list, schedule list, or a partner’s list
    • Select a favorite or historical charge
    • Review the charges and submit them to billing for final review and billing
    • For less frequently used procedures, codes are organized into customer defined categories containing codes for the caregiver’s specialty
    • CPT codes are linked to ICD codes for faster, more accurate coding

    IQCharge™ is more than just a tool to capture charges. It is a part of IQMax’s Connected Care Suite consisting of IQPatients, IQRounds, and IQSpeak that extends clinical data to caregivers optimizing their workflow. This solution evolves your hospital infrastructure and optimizes your current investment by improving cost, quality, and delivery of patient care.
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