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The IQMax Connected Care Suite enhances existing clinical workflows by providing a real-time consolidated view of patient information. Select any of the application extensions to provide additional benefits or create custom workflow tools quickly by utilizing the IQCompose tool kit. The IQMax Platform extends the life of existing HIS or EMR solutions, reduces capital expenditures and reduces IT integration efforts.Contact Us

Take control of your day with up to the minute schedule information

Who are my patients? Where are they located? These are some of the questions care providers consider while conducting patient rounds. IQPatients extends existing HIS or EMR  patient demographic information to the mobile device, so you will always be connected to your patient schedule, and census list without having to rely on paper charts or shared computer workstation. IQPatients™ enables  physicians, nurses, and other caregivers to enhance their current workflow by allowing up-to-the minute access to their patient schedule and list, organized by room number, attending physician, or facility location. IQPatients™ intuitive user interface provides a consistent framework supporting all of the IQMax’s Connected Care Suite of workflow tools.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone

    IQPatients has a number of customizable features to enhance workflow by allowing users to set individual preferences. Users can view their census list by location, group, patient name, room, or time. New patients can be added quickly and easily. IQPatients provides a quick view of actions completed, allowing users to keep track of charges, dictations, and lab orders, for each patient.


    With IQPatients, caregivers can view their patient details anywhere, anytime, whether they are at the hospital, clinic, or a remote location, in a secure environment. IQPatients is fully HIPAA compliant.


    • Census by location, group, name, room, time
    • View detailed patient information
    • Quick view of actions completed with patient detail such as charges, dictations, lab orders
    • Patients can be added quickly and easily Search for patients

    • Provides detailed patient care information
    • Visual validation of dictation
    • Provides a quick view of other actions complete on each patient such as charge or lab order
    • Patient demographics are automatically linked to each dictation and charges

    IQPatients™ is more than just a demographic and schedule management tool. It is a part of IQMax’s Connected Care Suite consisting of IQRounds, IQCharge, and IQSpeak that extends clinical data to caregivers optimizing their workflow. This solution evolves your hospital infrastructure and optimizes your current investment by improving cost, quality, and delivery of patient care.
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