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HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

IQCommunicate provides a secure platform to enable real-time collaboration between care team members in your organization. IQCommunicate enables physicians, nurses, and other team members to quickly message and share pertinent patient information securely within your organization.  Eliminate the hassles of tracking down team members via phone calls, pagers and two-way radios. With built in presence information, IQCommunicate instantly displays availability and with integration to call mangement and scheduling systems, intelligently routes messages to appropriate persons.  IQCommunicate’s patient Wall allows team members to monitor and leave case specific information regarding a patient for any team member to see securely. Contact Us

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone
  • Clinicians

    IQCommunicate enables efficient collaboration with care team members no matter where you are.  Securely share contextual patient information (Radiology, Pathology, Microbiology, X-rays and more) anywhere you are, via text messaging and voice on your smartphone or tablet device.  Connect quickly with other team members or utilize the patient WALL for non-critical information to view comments added by other care team members.  IQCommunicate makes collaboration fast, easy and secure!
    • Unify and simplify communications through M2M chat, including voice to text, to other care givers regarding patient care with contextual link to case specific information (Labs, Vitals, etc.). 
    • Configure your specific alerts and out of application notifications to ensure you get notified wherever you may be.
  • Nurses

    Responding to alerts quickly is crucial, with IQCommunicate, you can receive secure notifications efficiently on one device wherever you may be.  IQCommunicate replaces the need for two way radios and pagers and puts unified communication tools in your hands.  Instantly communicate with other care team members, see their availability and share contextual patient information while on the go.
    • Collaborate with care team members, respond to alerts quickly, and reduce distractions.
    • Instant Communication
    • Individual and Group Messaging
  • IT Departments

    Managing multiple communication devices and infrastructure for each can be difficult.  If your team is spending hours working with out-of-date devices (pagers, two-way radios, etc.) then take a look at the IQCommunicate application, part of the IQMax Connected Healthcare Platform.  IQCommunicate enables care team members to securely chat and text on their smartphone or tablet device while on the go.  The application allows for members to share relevant patient information (labs, reports, etc.) while on the go.  Improve workflow with compliant communication tools that are intuitive and easy to use. Learn more about the IQMax Connected Healthcare Platform and IQCommunciate by Contacting Us for a free demo.
    • Simple to install, deploy and support. IQCommunicate works on any smartphone, tablet device, or workstation. 
    • User has the ability to set preferences for message types based on Severity Level, Frequency and Message types as well as status settings (Available, Busy, Away) guarantying message delivery and confirmation.
    • PBX Integration
    • Directory Services Integration
    • Pager Replacement
    • Tracking and Auditing
    • Administrative Console
  • Compliance

    • Secure patient information that is auditable and searchable with guaranteed delivery and confirmation.  Eliminate violations and potential fines.
    • HIPAA and HITECH compliant.
  • How It Works

    • Viewing, sharing and speaking about information in real time among colleagues is easy with IQCommunicate. 
    • Receive real time alerts, text/chat messages and voice calls all in application. 
    • Share relevant patient information securely while you discuss alerts, lab results, treatment options and more.
    • Add other caregivers to the group to jointly discuss all relevant data for a specific patient.
    • If you’ve ever needed to communicate with other team members about a patient’s care and had trouble finding the best way to leave them a message or get in touch directly?  IQCommunicate is the solution for you.
    • Each patient also has a wall/blackboard where caregivers can leave non-critical information and notes for care team members in a secure environment.
    • Communicating between key team members is quick and easy by using the chat/message feature and be directly connected for secure conversations and eliminates unsecure texting and messaging.
  • Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access

    With IQCommunciate, caregivers can interact with other caregivers and share patient details anywhere, anytime, whether they are at the hospital, clinic, or a remote location, in a secure environment. IQCommunicate is fully HIPAA compliant.

  • Optimize Workflow

    IQCommunicate has a number of customizable features that enhance worklflow and allows each user to set individual preferences.  Set availability, types of alerts, user groups, etc.

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    IQCommunicate is more than just a secure communications tool. It is a part of IQMax’s Connected Care Suite consisting of IQPatients, IQRounds, IQCharge and IQSpeak that extends clinical data to caregivers optimizing their workflow. This solution evolves your hospital infrastructure and optimizes your current investment by improving cost, quality, and delivery of patient care.
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