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WEBINAR: How to Improve Communication and Patient Care Thursday, February 20, 2014 11am EST


Attend and Get a Chance to Win an iPad just for Attending!


Healthcare organizations depend on speed, accuracy and productivity to save lives, improve response times and deliver a high quality of care. In order to accomplish this, advanced communication systems are needed to connect physicians and nurses to their team members across care delivery continuum.

IQMax delivers and manages all forms of clinical communication - secure messaging, critical event notifications, tasks, and voice - on any mobile device, whether performing rounds, in the office, or on-call, and ensuring that the right information is delivered to the right caregiver in the right format at the right time.

Attend the Verizon and IQMax webinar on Thursday, February 20, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. EST, to learn more about how HIPAA compliant secure messaging:

  • Improves patient care and safety
  • Increases caregivers' productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduces costs and improves clinical workflows
  • Improves organizational compliance and reduces risk

In this webinar, Paul Adkison, IQMax Founder, will discuss how an advanced secure messaging and care collaboration solution is optimizing clinical workflow, streamlining communication between highly mobile caregivers, and improving patient satisfaction. Paul will be joined by:

Dr. Andy Barbash, CMIO, Specialist on Call, who will describe the past, present, and future positive benefits to their mobile business through implementation of the IQMax secure messaging solution.

Stephen Hunting, Partner, and Chara M. O'Neale, Associate, from the law firm of Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP, who will focus their remarks on the HIPAA compliance requirements regulating text messaging and their associated organizational and individual liabilities.