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St. Barnabas Hospital Chooses IQMax for HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 2014) – IQMax, a leader in intelligent healthcare communications, today announced that St. Barnabas Hospital in Bronx, NY, has selected IQMax for HIPAA compliant secure messaging. St Barnabas is using IQMax’s mobile communications platform, IQCommunicate®, to support internal clinician communications, view patient information and lab results, and coordinate care with clinical staff.

IQCommunicate®, a cloud based solution, is specifically designed for all caregivers to securely communicate and collaborate in real-time for streamlined care coordination among the care team and manages all forms of communication – secure messaging, alerts, tasks, notifications, voice and video – on virtually any mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

“We are excited to announce that St. Barnabas selected IQMax for its caregiver communication and collaboration solution. St. Barnabas is a leading acute care facility providing high quality care to the Bronx community”, said Paul Adkison, founder of IQMax. “By providing an efficient closed-looped communication solution with escalation paths, we can help healthcare organizations like St. Barnabas provide their staff and providers with secure, real-time communication solutions to support care collaboration.    IQMax provides a HIPAA compliant way to communicate with all types of devices across the healthcare continuum, and saves time and money as well.”