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Mobile Solutions are Important

IQMax Founder and CEO Paul Adkison discusses the importance of mobile solutions in the ICD-10 transition.

Today's healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to the use of mobile solutions in their transition to ICD-10, particularly those who built on coding expertise.  Healthcare organizations can use mobile devices to help reduce claims and coding errors by implementing frequent charge sets for services rendered throughout healthcare facilities in a way that empowers care providers to capture and deliver ICD-10 charges from their mobile device of choice.  The same content and coding knowledge leveraged for frequent charge sets can also be utilized to create ICD-10 charges from dictations captured during the patient encounter in a mobile environment.  From these mobile solutions, healthcare organizations can more easily transition to ICD-10 by submitting complete and valid charge claims that originate from the point of care.  All of this is accomplished without the need from physicians to be trained on the intricate details and magnitude of newly created charge codes that will be forthcoming with ICD--10

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