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mHIMSS and IQMAX Present Secure Messaging Webinar 9-26-12, 2pm ET

Communications in hospital today are complicated and lack collaboration.  From traditional pagers, to IP phones, to SMS messaging, and handwritten notes, finding a comprehensive solution for your organization can be difficult. IQMAX invites you to this informative webinar where you’ll learn more about the IQMAX Communications solution, which allows for secure messaging, alerting and notifications, and assigning of tasks, while integrating critical patient information.  Register here

The IQMAX Communications solution integrates with your existing systems such as EMRs, Call Management systems, Active Directories, and even PBX systems to provide a rich collaborative experience for your clinicians on the smartphone or tablet device of their choice.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

• Text Messaging Trends in Healthcare
• How IQMAX solves the issue of security
• Why IQMAX drives value to your business
• How your facility can implement the IQMAX solution in as little as TWO (2) weeks.