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Mako Medical Laboratories Chooses IQMax’s Secure Communications and Alerts Platform

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 8, 2015) – IQMax, a leader in intelligent healthcare communications, today announced that Mako Medical Laboratories has selected IQMax to enable its customers to use IQMax’s communications platform, IQCommunicate®,  to provide HIPAA compliant secure messaging and alert notifications.

IQCommunicate®, a cloud based solution, is specifically designed for all caregivers to securely communicate and collaborate in real-time for streamlined care coordination among the care team and manages all forms of communication – secure messaging, alert notifications, tasks, notifications, voice and video – on virtually any mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

“We are excited to announce that Mako has selected IQMax to deliver a HIPAA compliant communications platform to its customers to improve clinician communications and collaboration. Mako is an innovative medical lab company that is experiencing phenomenal growth”, said Paul Adkison, founder of IQMax. “IQCommunicate provides a HIPAA compliant communications platform to allow for messaging, alerts notification, and care collaboration with clinical staff on all types of devices across the healthcare continuum, increasing staff efficiency and productivity and enhancing the quality of patient care.”