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IQMax Delivers Next Generation Secure Clinical Messaging

IQMax Delivers Next Generation Secure Clinical Messaging 

Specialist On Call deploys HIPAA compliant messaging and clinical collaboration
capabilities to their Physicians


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (January 29, 2014) – IQMax the leader in intelligent healthcare communications, today announced that Specialist On Call has successfully deployed its care collaboration solution, IQCommunicate®, a cloud based service to drive better communication and collaboration across their network of physicians across the  United States.

IQCommunicate® is specifically designed for caregivers to securely communicate and collaborate in real-time for streamlined care coordination among the care team and manages all forms of communication – secure messaging, clinical secure messaging, alerts, tasks, notifications, voice and video – on virtually any mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

Specialist On Call (SOC), is the leading provider of physician consultation via telemedicine. The first Joint Commission-accredited telemedicine company, SOC provides 24/7/365 on-demand access to highly qualified, telemedicine-experienced, board certified, fellowship trained specialty physicians to more than 300 hospitals across the US including several leading health systems.  SOC reduces the cost of on-call coverage, provides hard to find specialty coverage, improves patient care and hospital financial dynamics, and enhances the workplace satisfaction of physicians and hospital staff by reducing call burden and providing specialty backup.

IQMax allows SOC call center staff and its providers to communicate instantly via secure text messaging, accept and reject consultation tasks, and collaborate with each other by exchanging patient information securely —from virtually any device supporting iOS, Android or Windows. 

“We are excited to announce Specialist On Call selected IQMax for its caregiver communication and collaboration solution.  Specialist On Call provides much needed telemedicine services to over 300 communities they serve across the US.  We are proud that they are using our care collaboration solutions to coordinate, collaborate and deliver those services”, said Paul Adkison, founder of IQMax. “By providing an efficient closed-looped communication solution with escalation paths, we can help healthcare organizations like SOC provide their staff and providers with secure, real-time communication solutions to support comprehensive critical care services with continuous access to their Specialist.  It’s very clear our solution not only provides a compliant way to communicate in the healthcare environment, it saves time and money as well.” 

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IQMax, a privately held corporation since 1999, develops intelligent healthcare communication solutions that enable healthcare providers to be more efficient in their daily workflow and to make more informed patient care decisions through efficient two-way communications with care team members and access to meaningful clinical information. The company’s solution also allows physicians to view patient schedules, dictate patient encounters, and capture billable charges. The IQMax solution has been deployed across numerous health facilities including specialty clinics, surgery centers, large hospital and IDNs. Learn more at