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How IQMax Mobility Products and Services factor into your Meaningful Use Compliance & Reimbursement

A few weeks ago, IQMax conducted a webinar with our friends at about Meaningful Use including Stage 1 and Stage 2 proposed requirements and how mobility plays a vital role.  As you and your staff determine the path for Meaningful Use in your facility there a few factors we think you should consider as you make the necessary steps to meet those goals.

By definition Meaningful Use’s goals include improving efficiency, safety and quality of patient care along with improving care coordination while engaging patients and families that insures security and privacy to improve the public health of the population.  We believe that the IQMax Connected Healthcare Platform and Decision Support Tools will play a significant role moving forward in Meaningful Use. 

With that said, it’s important to point out the challenges for Meaningful Use:

1. Real Time Data Collection
2. Data Elements in Disparate Systems
3. Impacts to Care Coordination
4. Dynamic Meaningful Use Requirements

By leveraging the convenience of mobility into your Meaningful Use strategies data can be collected in a much simpler way.  These help to streamline workflow by reducing system wide redundancies.  For instance, IQMax’s Decision Support Tools allow for Patient Lists, Rounding, Charge Capture and Speak all on the mobile device or tablet of your choice. 

IQPatients:  IQPatients extends existing HIS or EMR patient demographic information to the mobile device, so you will always be connected to your patient schedule and census list without having to rely on paper charts or shared computer workstation. IQPatients enables physicians, nurses, and other caregivers to enhance their current workflow by allowing up-to-the minute access their patient schedule and list organized by room number, attending physician, or facility location. IQPatients intuitive user interface provides a consistent framework supporting all of the IQMax’s Connected Care Suite of workflow tools. 

IQRounds:  With the IQMax connected care solution and IQRounds, caregivers have ePrescribing and mPOE (Mobile Physician Order Entry) tools as well as the ability to actively utilize information from patients quickly and easily. IQRounds extends the hospital’s existing clinical information system and securely delivers patient data to the caregiver — anywhere, anytime.

IQCharge:  Improving the financial health of your practice can lead to a significant evolution in the overall quality of care you provide. Properly documenting and coding patient encounters, eliminating missed charges, reducing receivable days, and improving the revenue management process are just a few of the financial challenges faced. IQCharge provides a fast, accurate, and intuitive mobile solution to documenting care in acute and ambulatory settings. This simplistic approach to capturing codes and procedures can eliminate lost fees.

IQSpeak:  For decades, dictation input methods used by medical professionals have gone relatively unchanged. From traditional magnetic tape recorders, to the telephone and dedicated dictation stations, to  digital hand held recorders. The traditional methods of recording and the associated document work flow problems still exist today. IQSpeak provides a revolutionary, yet simple, fast, intelligent and mobile dictation solution to the traditional dictation problem.

Meaningful Usage stratifies across these workflow tools and meets Stage 1 requirements.  In addition to that, IQMax’s Connected Healthcare Platform takes information from disparate systems and makes them available in the Decision Workflow toolset.  How does this work?

IQConnect:  The data elements required to accurately report MU compliance are generally housed in multiple systems. IQConnect compliments the host reporting system by facilitating the Exchange of Critical Information amongst these systems, meeting the expanded requirements for feeding specific and non-specific registries; such as Immunization and Cancer registries in Stage 2, Exchanging and receiving data in a structured format, and of course integrating the EHR with HIE’s and CDR’s.
With these tools in your arsenal, not only will you be meeting Meaningful Use requirements, you’ll also be enabling your staff the ability to provide immediate and better care for patients.

IQCommunicate: Allows for secure communication between care team members assisting in care coordination requirements and metrics in Meaningful Use.  With IQCommunicate, care team members now have access to communicate with any team member(s) in a secure environment via voice, text, chat or post messages on an individual patient wall.  This allows for better team collaboration in addition to better communication to deliver the best care possible wall in addition to patient portals for patient engagement.  Additionally users can securely any of the chat, text or messaging features is able to share contextual patient information including labs, x-rays reports, medications or any information a user wants to share in addition to having access to point of care decision support tools.  One of the best features of IQCommunicate is that it works on devices that doctors and nurses are already familiar with, their smart phone or tablet.  The biggest difference is that inside the IQMax system, information is both HIPAA and HI-TECH compliant which insures safety and security of information across the network. 

Meaningful Use guidelines will continue to morph and be modified but with IQMax’s Connected Healthcare Platform, Decision Support Tools and Unified Communications your facility will not only be meeting Meaningful Use guidelines, you’ll be increasing patient care and employee satisfaction to new levels.

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